The Breakfast Club

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Sometimes I find it hard to actually make myself eat meals in the mornings because I’m either rushing to class or just not hungry. Eating breakfast has so many health benefits that no one really thinks about.

egg-hen-s-egg-boiled-egg-breakfast-egg-160850By starting your day off with eating a meal that is packed with protein, vitamins and any other nutrients is a great way to give you energy. Some inexpensive foods you can eat include eggs which are a great source of protein and Vitamin D. Whole grain foods are an excellent way to consume your fiber intake for the day. I would recommend buying a box of whole grain cereal and oatmeal. These are inexpensive choices that will last a long time and are relatively easy to eat when you are in a time crunch.

pexels-photo-90894When you think about it, breakfast is the first meal you will be eating in about ten or more hours. If you skip breakfast, your body tries to make up for the lack of nutrients, so it slows down your metabolism and stores fat longer in the body. Eating breakfast kicks you metabolism into gear and helps you burn calories faster.

If you are in a rush in the mornings, do not just leave your house without eating. An easy way to make sure you eat breakfast is to pexels-photo-109341keep a stock of portable foods. These could include fruit cups, fresh fruit, single-servings of yogurt (preferably Greek yogurt), granola bars, and pre-made protein shakes and smoothies. These items are relatively affordable and are easy to fit into your grocery budget.

“I’ll eat some breakfast, then change the world” -Hairspray


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