Dining Out Without The Guilt

If you’re like me, dining out is a frequent thing in your life. One of the hardest tasks when going to a restaurant is sticking to a healthy eating regimen. This is especially true if you work in a restaurant like I do! I’ve decided to provide you guys with a couple tips for trying to eat healthier while you are out and about.


So many meals at restaurants are either coated with butter or have been cooked in butter. A lot of the time menus do not display that they cook with extra butter. Many of the sauces, while delicious, are filled with extra calories that you really do not need. So just ask for no butter/sauce or request to have it on the side!

Order a salad or vegetables:salad-fresh-food-diet-54322

Obviously eating more vegetables is recommended. You should ask to have your salad come out before your meal to avoid overeating your main course. Try to stray away from creamy dressings. They are filled with calories and FYI; most creamy dressings are mayonnaise-based! You should opt for oil and vinegar or a vinegar-based dressing.

salmon-dish-food-meal-46239Seafood is always a good choice:

If you are at a restaurant and they have different choices for seafood, it is always a good option. But do not get it fried! Most restaurants will have a salmon/tuna option, just get it without butter!



Choose the right cut of protein:pexels-photo-262945

If you aren’t too fond of seafood, it’s okay to get something else. There are different cuts of meat that have differing nutritional values. Try to go for a leaner cut of beef, like a sirloin or filet. Ribeyes, although super flavorful, are marbled with fat and are unhealthy. If you are choosing chicken, go for skinless chicken breast!

Drink lots of water:

I usually drink a full cup of water before I eat my meal. The more liquid you drink, the fuller you get and it is easier to avoid over-eating. Try to avoid sodas and juices. They may fill you up, but they are loaded with empty calories.

Eat slowly:

Yes, you may be starving, and you want to inhale food as soon as it is in reach, but this is not a good thing!!! If you eat slowly, you can avoid eating way more that you really need to. Plus, you will have some leftovers for later!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALimit the bread & chips:

If you’re at a restaurant that provides complementary starters, try to avoid them or only eat a few! These starters are usually filled with grease and salt!



Eating at a restaurant while trying to lead a healthier lifestyle may seem like a daunting idea, but if you take initiative, you can still enjoy dining out without feeling guilty!


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