Motivation Madness: How to Make Yourslef Want to Workout in the Morning

pexels-photo-29992Working out in the morning is one of the best ways to jumpstart your metabolism and ensure that you get your daily workout in. Starting your day with exercise is also a great way to naturally boost your energy level for the rest of the day.  A lot of college students can try to fix their irregular sleep schedules and low energy levels by chugging coffee, but this ends up being a short term fix that will leave you crashing.  Despite the benefits, it can still be really hard to drag yourself out of bed earlier than necessary when you’re a college student who craves nothing more than sleep. There’s a few simple tricks you can use to make sure that you get out of bed in the morning and squeeze in that crucial workout.

One method that may seem silly to some but truly is effective is to simply sleep in your workout clothes.  When you’re lying in bed in the morning, struggling to find the motivation to get up and go, even the simple task of getting dressed can be enough to deter you from leaving bed.  Workout clothes are generally pretty comfortable and when you wake up in the morning you can simply get up and go.

pexels-photoAnother trick that can help anytime you’re struggling to find the push to workout but especially in the morning is to have a workout buddy.  Making yourself accountable to somebody else is not only a great way to reduce the chance of you skipping out on your workout, but your buddy will be there to motivate you throughout the duration of the exercise as well.

Even if you finally drag yourself out of bed, sometimes your body needs an extra little push to snap out of its sluggish, sleepy state.  A great, natural way to wake yourself up instantly is to drink a glass of ice cold water with fresh lemon.  The cold sensation wakes up your senses and the lemon will calm any nausea you may have from an empty stomach. As an alternative you can also chew on an all-natural mint. The final tip I have is to obviously not only set multiple alarms, but put your alarm clock or phone somewhere out of your reach.  This will force you to have to get up and walk across the room to silence your alarm. If you wanted to go the extra mile you could even set a particularly annoying alarm to get you moving even faster.


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