Coffee = Life

If you’re like me, coffee is literally the fuel I need to start my day and keep me running. I always look forward to my first cup in the morning. I’ve always heard that coffee is not one of the worst beverages for a healthy lifestyle. But then I started thinking about all of the yummy extras that we put in our coffee to make them taste so good. There is no way that a quarter cup of half and half plus caramel drizzle is good for your body. I wanted to share some alternatives I have been trying to use to make my coffee healthier for me!pexels-photo-204096

I know the best way to drink your coffee is to have it straight up, but I personally cannot make myself actually enjoy the drink like that. To start a minor transition to that point, I have been using less and less creamer each day. It will save you calories and money on buying coffee creamer.

If you are going to Starbucks or another coffee shop, you can always ask them to put in soy milk or fat-free milk rather than half and half. You can ask for no sugar in your drink, or less sugar if you aren’t ready for that. Another tip, even though this hurts me to say, is ask for no whipped cream. It literally just adds on extra calories and fat that really aren’t necessary.pexels-photo-38106

Another alternative I would suggest is to use a lower calorie, fat-free, lower sugar creamer. They usually have half the fat and sugars as normal creamers, and they taste just as good in your cup o’ Joe. I have also found that if you use a low-sugar flavored creamer, you really do not need to put extra sugar in your drink. If you are the type of person who really, really likes sweet coffee, you can try to opt for honey, natural rock sugar, or stevia. These are all sweetener options that are better for you!

*I hope your coffee kicks in before reality does*


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