Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!

With yesterday being Valentine’s Day, I found myself literally craving chocolate. If you are like me, dessert is one of the hardest things to cut out of my diet. I thought that eating healthy meant that I had to have strict limitations on what I could and could not eat. As it turns out, for me personally, cutting out the food items that I enjoy kind of made me start feeling like I was prisoner to eating boring broccoli and chicken.

I decided that If I was doing really well by eating healthy, I should reward myself with something to satisfy my sweet tooth. My intentions were not to completely go overboard with the choice of dessert, but to find a healthier option that actually tasted like dessert. While strolling through the grocery store, I happened upon a few things that I thought would best suit my dessert cravings.

photo-1438907046657-4ae137eb8c5eOne of my favorite options for healthy dessert is frozen fruit. Blueberries, strawberries, bananas, grapes, pineapples and raspberries are some of the more popular fruits to eat frozen. You can even dip them in dark chocolate. If you do not want to buy fresh fruit to freeze and dip in chocolate, Dole sells their own pre-made fruit “dippers”. They are tasty and relatively affordable.pexels-photo-126790

I am a huge ice cream fan, so finding a healthier substitute for Ben and Jerry’s was a must for me. The best healthy ice cream I have found is Halo Top. There is a wide variety of protein-packed flavor choices with only 240 calories in each pint. Arctic Zero is another brand you can choose. Although this ice cream is significantly lower in calories, it did not really taste like normal ice cream. Popsicles are another way to satisfy your cravings. If you are looking for a healthier option, I suggest looking at the nutrition label on the box and choosing a lower sugar option. One of my favorite products is Nestle’ Outshine bars.

Captivo Picture 1376Yogurt is another healthy option for dessert. You can buy a large tub of plain Greek yogurt and add a little honey and granola to make a sweet snack that is high in protein. Most grocery stores sell individual cups of whipped Greek yogurt. These come in a bunch of different flavors and taste like you are eating mousse for dessert!


You do not have to completely cut yourself off from your favorite foods; just find some healthier substitutions. If you treat yourself every so often, you will find it easier to stick with your healthy lifestyle!


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