This One Is A REEl Catch!

Hello, everyone! The weather has gotten so much warmer, which means people are starting to cookout with their friends and families. We all know that your cookout is most likely going to consist of delicious, yet fat-packed cheeseburgers and hot dogs. If you’re trying to resist the temptation to eat these greasy munchies, I’m sharing…… Continue reading This One Is A REEl Catch!

Don’t Stress, Just Prep

One of the biggest reasons college students eat junk in college, besides financial reasons and drunk munchies, is that they find themselves with 10 minutes to get to class and no time to make a healthy meal or snack.  It’s so easy to grab Jimmy John’s or heat up some Easy Mac when you’re in…… Continue reading Don’t Stress, Just Prep

Penne For Your Thoughts

One of my major weaknesses is my inability to resist eating pasta. Pasta is not horrible for a healthy diet if it is consumed in moderation and if incorporated into a varied diet. A main contributor to pasta’s bad rap is sauce loaded with unnecessary calories. Before starting my lifestyle improvements, I found an AMAZING recipe…… Continue reading Penne For Your Thoughts

The Breakfast Club

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Sometimes I find it hard to actually make myself eat meals in the mornings because I’m either rushing to class or just not hungry. Eating breakfast has so many health benefits that no one really thinks about. By starting your day off with…… Continue reading The Breakfast Club

Eat Great, Feel Better: Small Choices Lead to Big Changes

For this week’s post, I wanted to give an example of how I have been making minor adjustments to incorporate healthy meals into my diet. *Most ingredients for these recipes aligned with my budget-friendly grocery list.* Breakfast: After my daily cup of coffee with almond milk, I made an egg white omelet with spinach, diced mushrooms,…… Continue reading Eat Great, Feel Better: Small Choices Lead to Big Changes

Dining Out Without The Guilt

If you’re like me, dining out is a frequent thing in your life. One of the hardest tasks when going to a restaurant is sticking to a healthy eating regimen. This is especially true if you work in a restaurant like I do! I’ve decided to provide you guys with a couple tips for trying…… Continue reading Dining Out Without The Guilt

Motivation Madness: How to Make Yourslef Want to Workout in the Morning

Working out in the morning is one of the best ways to jumpstart your metabolism and ensure that you get your daily workout in. Starting your day with exercise is also a great way to naturally boost your energy level for the rest of the day.  A lot of college students can try to fix…… Continue reading Motivation Madness: How to Make Yourslef Want to Workout in the Morning